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Soft skills that will be acquired


  1. Goal setting theory (for self and others)
  2. Understand concepts and behaviour which contribute to creative leadership
  3. Knowledge of management theory on creative leadership


  1. Goal setting skills
  2. Critical thinking skill- application, categorisation, analysis, deduction
  3. Application of management theory to creative leadership skills of self and others, planning skills to enhance personal development of self and others


At the end of this module you will have learned:

How to identify SMART goals and set SMART goals for yourself and others.

Goal setting (for self and others)
Creative leadership (fostering a creative work environment)
Driving results (being a role model for positive change)

Coaching is a development intervention built upon the philosophy that clients and learners are resourceful and that through questioning, reflection and action planning meaningful development and personal learning can ensue. Results-driven coaching is relevant to those in business and organisations as the focus is very much upon performance, results improvement, and productivity, thereby hopefully aligning individual learning needs with the specific context and requirements of the organisation. One can use the techniques applied to the self or others; for example, those we may supervise or manage and co-workers in self-managed teams.