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Soft skills that will be acquired


  1. Leadership and why it is important
  2. Understanding leadership styles and what they depend on
  3. Application of different leadership styles


  1. Active Listening
  2. Analysing information
  3. Planning and introducing change
  4. Effective leadership



Welcome to Module 2, dedicated to the development of your leadership core. We will focus on the soft skills needed for the enhanced leadership and different styles of leadership.

 Effective managers and leaders must be able to set clear direction, make sound decisions, and mobilise people to execute their goals. We will focus on building these crucial skills required for success in any environment.

 Supporting women in leadership roles is important in all fields; however, it is especially critical in STEM because of the gender disparity that currently exists. Organisations that engage female leaders report greater creativity and innovation[1]. There is an economic imperative to be more inclusive. Demographic shifts are creating talent gaps across many sectors. We need a focused and dedicated effort to offer women in STEM leadership development and opportunities if we are to attain and sustain a viable workforce in these fields.

 This training is aiming to develop your leadership skills in order to increase the number of female leaders in the STEM fields.

 At the end of this module, you will learn:


What is emotional leadership and which style works better for you
The concept of authentic leadership and how to develop qualities of an authentic leader
Why it is important for a leader to be consistent
How to contribute to leading positive change in the STEM field by applying different leadership styles

The learning path will guide you through the different activities related to the topic.

At the end of this module, you will find a self-assessment quiz with 6 questions that will help you in your learning process. In case you fail one or more questions, you can return back to the training materials and check the contents you need.