Michèle Mianza Kikamba
Biotechnologist , Applied and computer science Owner and CEO of 2mk Healthcare, Digital Health
When I introduce myself, I like to say that I play three role in my life: I am a biotechnologist , the owner and CEO of 2mk Healthcare, A digital solution for people who need extra care and a social entrepreneur. In addition,I am the Founder Of Yajte, a non-profit organization dedicated to youth and I am a masters student pursuing online master’s degree in International healthcare management at Robert Kenedy College in Zurich in an exclusive partnership with the university of Cumbria in UK.
Tell us about your career path.
Why did you choose a STEM profession?
Was your interest in STEM encouraged?

My Career Path

I studied Biochemistry in high school and Biotechnology at University of VUT in South Africa.

My career as a biotechnologist, specializing in quality control in entreprises such as: water purification, food processing factories, dairies, … Liaise with chemical engineers and technicians in the fermentation and biotech industry.

My first as well as my last job as a biotechnologist were one of my favorite experience. I was working in QC research &development Department to monitor and maintain laboratory standards. I became hooked on finding and fixing problems, I enjoyed  it so much and I want everyone who love STEM  to go on adventures to find out where they truly belong.

My next stop was business!!! Being a woman in STEM  feels empowering that I decided to start my own business 2mk Healthcare so that I can contribute to big advancements in medicine and technology.

What does 2mk Healthcare do?

2mk Healthcare connects patients and their relatives to healthcare professionals, so they can more easily in case of an emergency, alert nearby health services  through our digital tools( website, web application and connected bracelet), access healthcare , and manage their health journey.

Why did I choose a STEM Profession?

One of the things that got me interested in STEM was the flexibility to learn transferable skills as well as the societal impact because our everyday life is affected by professionals from STEM in every industry.

Was my interest in STEM encouraged?

I was really Lucky. I grew up in a family of engineers , I have been kind of interested in science since elementary school level and I have always enjoyed understanding how things work. I was a curious girl!

So, The choice of being in STEM was quite a natural decision and my parents immediately responded with encouragement as they did it too for our first born ,who is  a successful engineer like my Father. They gave me skills, confidence, experience and convinced me that having a family and being in STEM is possible.

We will always have STEM with us.

Some things will drop out of the public eye and will go away, but there will always be science, engineering, and technology. And there will always, always be  mathematics.

Katherine Johnson

How was your educational/university experience? Do you have any memorable experiences to share?

Much of my life has revolved around STEM (mainly science and technology).

However, I enjoy all STEM subjects and find them interesting.

The most memorable moment at university for me was when my fermentation and microbiology professor showed our class how to make beer in group project and I found this fascinating!

I even concluded that: Technology wouldn’t exist without Science, and Science wouldn’t be as effective without Technology.

Where do you work?
What would you do during a typical day at work? What do you enjoy most about your job?

Currently, I work for 2mk Healthcare.

Early in my career in the brewing and food Industry, I did a lot of bench work, and the largest fraction of my time was spent analyzing, summarizing, discussing points and presenting data.

I enjoyed working with teams as well as experts in other disciplines, projects moved forward quickly, and I learned about other fields without having to be an expert.

Priceless Moments!!!

What are your plans and aspirations for the future?

With the launch of my business 2mk Healthcare and all of the skills I currently have in Biotech laboratory,analytical, math and science, I aspire to learn more about product development and be exposed to customer interactions as well as new skills in a deeper way.

I would also like to be part of highly collaborative environments that can developed me as a person and professional to achieve new results.

What do you like to do outside of work? What are your passions and hobbies?

Honestly I have a variety of hobbies and passions.

I am interested in new technologies, music and podcasts. Every day I like to get outside and go for a walk and tune into great music and podcast.

I also love home improvement, tech-programming languages, web design ,reading, volunteer work and community activities

What advice would you give to other young girls and women who plan to pursue a STEM career?

Firstly, I will tell them not to be afraid to get uncomfortable. It’s okay to feel uncomfortable and try things you’ve never done before.

Secondly, Don ’t underestimate yourself, aim high and be around people who intellectually challenge you.

Lastly, You are not alone, never stop learning and don’t forget to find a support system which could be made up of peers or other women in the STEM space.