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Soft skills that will be acquired


  1. What are intercultural competences
  2. Why they are important
  3. How to enhance them


  1. Self-awareness
  2. Adaptation
  3. Analysis
  4. Open-mindedness



Intercultural competences are abilities to adeptly navigate complex environments marked by a growing diversity of people, cultures, and lifestyles; in other terms, abilities to perform “effectively and appropriately when interacting with others who are linguistically and culturally different from oneself” (Fantini & Tirmizi, 2006)

This module deals with what intercultural competences are, what they include, how they are best achieved, and how to apply them in practice in a work-related context.

At the end of this module you will:

Define intercultural competences
Identify the variables contributing to intercultural competences

The learning path will guide you through the different activities related to the topic.

At the end of this module, you will find a self-assessment quiz with 5 questions that will help you in your learning process. In case you fail one or more questions, you can return back to the training materials and check the contents you need.